BankingThe Banking Industry has come of age, not only globally, but also nationally and locally. New-age banking facilities meant banking via internet, emails, and telephone and the customer is constantly bombarded with messages. Wooing the customer took on a whole new dimension.

While the development is largely beneficial, it is not without its share of problems. Lack of follow up services and communication to the customers is still inadequate and inefficient, given the scope for growth. Enterprise Messaging Services is the solution. Connecting with your customers becomes easy, anything from deposit/withdrawal updates to new scheme introductions to branch openings or foreign exchange rates, issuing of cheque books etc all take on a new dimension.

No. Application Bulk SMS Short Code Long Code SMS Gateway API SMS Contest, Polling & Voting SMS Information System
1. Cost effective communication regarding new products or services to existing and prospective customers. mVaayoo
2. Automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly alerts regarding account status mVaayoo mVaayoo
3. Enquire Account Balance via SMS mVaayoo mVaayoo
4. Transactional Alerts for online payments, cash withdrawal & credit card purchase. mVaayoo mVaayoo
5. Lead generation pan India mVaayoo
6. Create database of potential users (Product-wise or region wise). mVaayoo mVaayoo
7. Allow your sales force to have access to Information-On-Demand mVaayoo mVaayoo
8. ATM or Branch locator on SMS mVaayoo mVaayoo
9. Automated reminders for EMI payment or Bill Payments mVaayoo mVaayoo
10. Communicate with all your sales force instantly mVaayoo
11. EMI Calculator on SMS mVaayoo
12. Launch Contest or Opinion Polls to build publicity and increase customer interaction with the Brand mVaayoo
13. Communication cost effectively & instantly with employees pan India mVaayoo
14. Enquire currency exchange rates on SMS mVaayoo mVaayoo mVaayoo