SMS Services for Insurance Corporations

Short Code Services For Insurance BusinessIndia’s insurance sector has the potential to grow to cover at least half of our country’s population. The fact is that India is the fifth largest life insurance market in the emerging insurance economies globally and is expected to grow at 200% by 2009-10 and international players are increasingly attracted to us.

With Enterprise Messaging Services, insurance companies can target customers and analyze leading-edge opportunities critical to the success of their business. As well as provide prompt reminders and services to existing customers.

Be it home, life insurance segment, or health and aviation insurance, the impressive growth in the market will be fuelled by newer tools of communication using SMS.

S.No. Application Bulk SMS Short Code Long Code SMS Gateway API SMS Contest, Polling & Voting SMS Information System
1. Send Automated SMS Alerts regarding premium payment.
2. Generating leads via mobile channel by promoting short code details on various media channels (Print, TV, Radio, Hoardings, etc.)
3. Communicate information of new policies to existing & prospective customers
4. Insurance premium calculator on SMS
5. Allow your customers to fetch their payment history via SMS
6. Information-On-Demand via SMS for customers, sales force, Insurance Agents, etc.
7. Launch Contest or Opinion Polls to build publicity and increase customer interaction with the Brand
8. Motivational messages to sales force