BULK SMS in Real Estate,

Real EstateReal Estate is redefining the state of India. Infrastructure development, integrated town ships, SEZs, Shopping malls, IT & Industrial Parks are changing the face of our sky lines, states and the nation. The industry is growing at a great pace, with JVs, foreign players and Indian real estate agents, emerging as front-runners in this sector.

Real Estate is a vast field, with huge scope for further growth. Here too, communication plays a vital role. Project launches, availability of projects or houses for buying/ leasing, interest rates, loan facilities, special schemes, location advantages, all this information has to be communicated. Enterprise Messaging Services is clearly the solution…for big giants as well as for real estate agents.


.No. Application Bulk SMS Short Code Long Code SMS Gateway API SMS Contest, Polling & Voting SMS Information System
1. Highly effective lead generation through reply number facility. (Case Study Available) mVaayoo
2. SMS Promotion of new projects into the right target groups. mVaayoo
3. Generating leads by promoting short code details on various medias (Print, TV, Radio, Hoardings, etc.) mVaayoo
4. Online Property Buying & selling portals can integrate SMS notification to both buyer & seller on each enquiry mVaayoo mVaayoo
5. Facilitate customers to get specific Property details (Price Per sq. ft., Area, Finance Option, Amenities, Availability, etc.) via pull SMS mVaayoo mVaayoo
6. Real Estate agents can send information regarding new properties, space availability as per customer’s requirement mVaayoo
7. Launch customer feedback campaign on SMS mVaayoo mVaayoo
8. Integrating SMS Alert services with your website mVaayoo mVaayoo