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SMS Services for Tours and Travel Industry

Bulk SMS Services For Tours And Travel IndustryTourism is one of the major contributors of revenues for many countries. India too enjoys a huge source of revenue form tourism. Each state has its own tourism division, its own image and its ideal destinations. India, in particular is one of the most popular destinations for health tourism. With astro tourism and even slum tourism not lagging far behind!

The Tourism industry’s roots run deep. There are plenty of local players vying for business along with international companies. Information, such as offers, destinations and facilities is the need of the hour. Cross promotions, tie-ups, airline and relevant information worth sharing with customers, adds immense value and volumes to the business. Enterprise Messaging Services is the most cost-effective way to achieving personal communication levels with customers.

S.No. Application Bulk SMS Short Code Long Code SMS Gateway API SMS Contest, Polling & Voting SMS Information System
1. Advertise latest promotional deals & offers via SMS to all existing members and potential customer
2. Generating leads via mobile channel by promoting short code details on various media channels (Print, TV, Radio, Hoardings, etc.)
3. Integrate SMS Services in the Website, eCommerce Portal, ERP or CRM for Automated SMS alerts
4. Broadcasting Testimonial of a delighted customer to all members
5. Facilitate customers to get specific Package/Tour details (Places, Specialties, Days, Availability, Food etc.) via pull SMS
6. Create database of potential customers (Region-wise, Package-wise, and Season-wise) for higher conversion rate.
7. Launch SMS based Contest, Game, Quiz, Polling or Voting around a Product or Event to build publicity and customer interaction.
8. Promote various package tours, such as Honeymoon, Wildlife, Country wise, Adventure, etc.
9. Communicate about various activities during tour like River-Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Jungle Safari, Scuba Diving, Etc.