SMS Services for Educational Institutions

SMS Services for the Education IndustryThe importance of education can’t be described in words. Educational Institutions are changing lives, societies and countries. With the mushrooming of education institutions across India, to keep pace with demand, education is a highly evolving industry.

The quality of parent and teacher interaction cannot be undermined in the holistic education process that directly impacts the benefits to each child. Today, educational institutions and colleges have to communicate with potential students, current students, as well as teachers, alumni, administrators and employees. The messages to be communicated are as diverse as they are direct and speed is of the essence. It is in this domain that Enterprise Messaging Services can serve as a potent tool for communication.

S.No. Application Bulk SMS Short Code Long Code SMS Gateway API Excel Sheet Upload SMS Information System
1. Advertising at start of academic year
2. Weekly or monthly performance report to parents.
3. Automated Urgent notices/ Alerts/ Reminders to parents/students
4. Allowing parents/Students to access Exam results via SMS
5. Examination Schedule updates
6. Attendance report to the parents
7. Examination/Test results to be sent to parents/students
8. Communication with Teachers/ Admin Staff at an affordable cost