SMS Marketing Services for Media & Entertainment Industry

Bulk SMS Services For Promotion Of Latest MoviesMedia and entertainment are the new buzzwords. The entertainment industry encompassing television and movies is on an upward swing and there are many events, media and entertainment companies mushrooming all over the country.

This industry comprises Movies, Television, Radio, Home Entertainment, Games and Mobile. So how do entertainment companies communicate with the people who they wish to ensnare into their viewership? No easy task, especially if there is no easy communication channel.And yet advertising new movies, promos, events and programs are a marketing challenge in itself.

Enterprise Messaging Services is the best way to lure your target audience, by personally providing details of everything including news, new events and programs etc.

S.No. Application Bulk SMS Short Code Long Code SMS Gateway API SMS Contest, Polling & Voting SMS Information System
1. Promote about latest events, movies, Breaking news to all subscribers
2. Launch opinion polls or voting to get public feedback
3. Analyze the response of a certain program or event by user interaction
4. Launch SMS contents and reward all the winning candidates to build popularity
5. Earn revenues by increasing end user interaction on shortcode 56263.
(High volumes required)
6. Facilitate your customers to fetch desired information on movie, event, news, etc. via SMS
7. SMS based consumer survey