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Missed Call Services

Run contests or simply generate more leads for your business through Missed Calls.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to talk. A missed call is a simple way to communicate with your customers at no cost


How a missed call service works

  • Customer sees your ad/promotion

    Customer proceeds to call your virtual number seen on an add

  • Call lands and disconnects

    Call gets disconnected the moment it lands on your virtual number, which is connected to a missed-call call flow in your account

  • Leads are generated to spreadsheets

    The contact information of your callers can be exported to a Google spreadsheet

  • Automated call back or SMS

    In order to notify a customer, an automated call back or SMS can be triggered once a missed call lands on your virtual number

  • Call reports

    Get detailed and downloadable reports of your business calls everyday through SMS and email.

  • CRM integration

    Integrate our phone system with your CRM and get all your callers’ data in one window.

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